Managing payments for the Real Estate Industry

         Innovative Features that simplify a complicated business...

         Why a White Label solution?

At ePayApp Services, it is understood that a White Label payment solution customized to your explicit requirements is essential to managing receipts in a most effective manner.

A White Label solution is also a most powerful tool available to sales and marketing endeavors as it greatly enhances presence and greater market share.

The ePayApp product provides various White Label solutions addressing the specific needs of Property Management Firms, Condominium Associations, Homeowner Associations, Residential and Commercial Properties as well as Civic Associations and Cooperatives.

         How does the ePayApp product benefit your organization?

It is configurable to your specifications.

It can be directly accessed through your website.

It becomes a natural extension of your website and its scope of services.

With the benefit of your own White Label, focus is placed on your organization's growth and expansion rather than promoting and bearing the cost of a third party product.

         How does ePayApp Data Integration benefit your organization?

"Right First Time!"

ePayApp Services proprietary "Blacktie" protocol is the benchmark tool for data integration with numerous property management accounting software packages. The sophistication of database design expedites secure integration, reliability and performance.

ePayApp Services integrations are flawless, seamless and usually delivered within a 24 hour timeframe as part of our customer onboarding processes.

Our step by step rigorous testing and stringent quality assurance validations insures that your integration is delivered "Right First Time". Also, we fully support all software upgrades whether you are migrating to a new accounting package or upgrading an existing one. Guaranteed!

There are no charges for these services as they are all key components of ePayApp's commitment to customer satisfaction.