Managing payments for the Real Estate Industry

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         Why ePayApp Services?

The ePayApp Services product is a turnkey, enterprise solution delivering payment transactions and cash management reporting in a 100% accurate, real-time environment.

The ePayApp Services product is available free of charge to our clients. Residents / Tenants, as well as other payees, bear the cost of $1.00 per ACH and 3.50% per Credit Card transaction.
There are NO other charges. Guaranteed!

The ePayApp Services has a dynamic, collaborative corporate culture and aggressively helps clients win new business while assisting them in retaining their current client base.

The ePayApp Services product is available as a White Label solution, proven to increase payee adoption, while reducing returns and chargebacks. Residents / Tenants experience an increased comfort level knowing that their payments are being processed directly by their property management firm, instead of some other third party entity.

The ePayApp Services product lowers the overall cost of receivables, as its payment collection and cash management tool set fully integrates with your website as well as multiple property management accounting products. A significant reduction in manual activities relating to bank statement reconciliation is also a major benefit. Guaranteed!
Converting to paperless transactions has not only environmental benefits, but a positive impact on your bottom line.

 The ePayApp Services product is made available as a turnkey solution complete with direct banking relationships and direct credit card interchange processing partners.
 No conventional terminal merchant account is ever needed.
 No special banking relationships are required.
 Existing bank accounts are utilized therefore bank statement history is preserved.
 Receipts are completely FDIC insured and secure.
 There are absolutely NO unknown parties involved in our processes. Between your firm and the final disbursement of your receipts - there is only ePayApp and it's processing affiliates. Guaranteed!